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How do you enable a microphone input in the android emulator?

How do you enable a microphone input in the android emulator?

If you are trying to get the audio from Android emulator, you can not be successful. You can try this with different ways like by writing a custom speech to text application, by trying to compile voice recognition sample at Android SDK or by using in-built Speech Recorder on a Google API supported android emulator.
** UPDATE: Android Complete tutorial now available here.
You would have given proper permission and you might have also selected Audio play back support in Hardware selection in creating new AVD (Android Virtual Device).

Actual Reason :You are not able to record sound and use MIC in emulator because the android emulator doesn€™t support it yet. The Android Emulator does not have the ability to capture audio, but actual devices are likely to provide these capabilities. Source Android Documentation

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Solution : Only possible solution is connect the real device to System , Check Developer option in phone , enable USB Debugging and use it as emulator .

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