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Components of SOAPUI project window

Components of SOAPUI project window


In this tutorial, you will see the various components of the SOAPUI window when you create a project are explained in detail using screenshots.

** Update – Complete SoapUi Tutorials now available here

1. Click on Project Name. In the previous tutorial, we have created a project, Test Project. You can see a window as shown below when you click on Overview Tab in the right pane.


  • Overview tab – Displays the General information of all the components available in a project.

overview tab


  • Testsuites tab– Describes the information about the test suites created by the user in a project and used to run the test suites and shows the log for executed test suites.


3_testsuites tab components

testsuites tab


2. Bindings – This will have the WSDL definition details, operations/services available in WSDL file. Click on Binding name to view the details as shown in the image below.

  • Overview tab – Displays the General information such as wsdl definition and operations.




  • Service Endpoints – Endpoints in a wsdl describes where the service needs to hit when a request is sent. The Service endpoints tab displays the endpoints used in a project.


service endpoints


3_service endpoints components



  • WSDL Content: This tab displays the raw form of wsdl and its binding components involved. Clicking on WSDL tab displays the window as shown below.

WSDL content


Note: You can also see the raw form of WSDL by pasting the WSDL URL in a browser as shown below.

4_wsdl in browser


3.Request – Click on Request name to display the window as shown below.








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