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SOAPUI – Generate reports for your projects

SOAPUI – Generate reports for your projects


Now we have executed all our teststeps in the testcases. Next, is to have a total summary about the project execution. This is possible in SOAPUI.


SOAPUI provides three types of reports which can be generated from inside the UI at Project, TestSuite, TestCase and LoadTest level:

  • Printable Reports – Can be printed or saved as PDF, HTML, RTF, Word, Excel, etc and are fully customizable on both global and project level, allowing you to create and customize any kind of report you may require.
  • Data Export – Allows export of underlying report-data in XML and csv format. This is useful if you want to import report data into other tools for custom reporting or integrations.
  • HTML Reports – Give a simplified overview of functional test results in HTML format (not available at LoadTest level).


Note:   The Open Source version of soapUI (Beta version) only supports creation of the basic HTML reports when running from the Command Line. The above 3 types of reports are supported in Pro version.

Let’€™s see how to create or generate a report for the project WSDL file in SOAPUI using the steps discussed below.
** Update – Complete SoapUi Tutorials now available here
Before starting this tutorial, learn how to create a project using a WSDL in the previous tutorials.
Step 1:
Click on the project binding name as shown in the image to view the WSDL content of the project.

Binding name
Step 2: 
In the WSDL content tab shown below, click on Generate report icon to generate the HTML documentation (report) for the WSDL file in the project.
WSDL Content
Step 3:
Clicking on the icon will prompt to choose the location to save the document.
Save Reports
Step 4:
Clicking on OK will generate the document in the default browser available in your system as shown in the image below.


HTML Report generated


Note: when generating HTML document for the WSDL, the wsdl file also gets saved in the same folder location.

The HTML document generated for the above WSDL file is shown below.

The other types of reporting will be supported only in SOAPUI Pro.


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