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Import Projects into SOAPUI

Import Projects into SOAPUI

In this tutorial, we will see how to import existing projects into soapui. To create a project in soapui, go through how to create a new project in soapui tutorial.
** Update – Complete SoapUi Tutorials now available here
Follow the steps in detail below to import projects into soapui

Step 1: Right click on Projects in Navigator pane and select Import Project from the dropdown menu or press Ctrl+I as shown below.

Import projects


Step 2: Selecting Import project will allow you to select a project from a folder location.

Select Project

Step 3: Select a project (*.xml) and click Open.

Already created project


Thus project is imported successfully.

Imported project


Note: After importing, SoapUI does a check of the project to see that it is consistent and has all necessary external dependencies available (a process called €œresolving€). If errors are found a Resolve dialog is displayed with all errors and giving you options to resolve them as shown below:

Resolve project



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