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This android sdk requires adt version 21.1.0 or above error in eclipse

Posted by on Apr 14, 2013 in Android | 0 comments


This error occurred to me too. I tried to update my SDK version using my SDK manager previous day and when I tried to use my eclipse after the api got downloaded, it threw the error. €œThis android sdk requires adt version 21.1.0 or above error in eclipse. Please update your ADT to 21.1.0 for SDK 21.1.0€. If you try to run your project ignoring this error, you will get an error saying €œyour projects are found to have errors€. But it would have run perfectly before updating. Below is the preferences window showing error €œAndroid SDK requires ADT 21.1.0 or above. Please update ADT€. The solution for this problem is simple and is given below.

Preferences –> Android Window:


Projects in Project explorer:

project explorer



In such cases the simple thing search for the required ADT 21.1.0 in my case (Previous version – 21.0.0) and install the plug-in to your eclipse. To do so, follow the below steps,

  • Go to Help –>  Install software
  • Click on Add at the right top
  • Give your ADT plug-in name and the URL location for it in the add repository window.


  • You can download the ADT version you want as a zip file.
  • Then click on Archive in the add repository window and browse your zip file and give it. Mention your adt plug-in name as well.
  • Now click on OK. Window as shown below appears below.

install window

  • Select Developer plugins option and click on Next to calculate your dependencies.
  • Accept the agreement and click on finish to install plug-in successfully. Once this is over, eclipse will prompt to restart it.

software updates

  • Click on OK to restart.
  • Now your SDK preferences are retained as it was before without error. Now the projects are available without error.

preferences_3 SDK updated


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