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How to Customize List View Web part XSLT using custom XSLT in SharePoint 2010

Posted by on Feb 20, 2013 in SharePoint Tutorials | 0 comments

Tied up customizing the XSLT for a XSLT list View webpart?

Want to customize XSLT list View webpart without detaching the page layout?

Here is the solution :):)


1. Add your custom XSLT style in the attached file




2. Upload it to the Style Library or any document library where you want to maintain

3. Add the List view webpart in the page

4. Edit the webpart. Under miscellaneous section, give the path of your custom xsl file



5.Click on OK. Now the list view webpart appears in your custom Style.

Note: Add the columns you used in the XSLT in the current view of the List view webpart


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