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How to install Eclipse IDE and configure apache tomcat


Downloading Eclipse

If you need to install Eclipse, you can download it from this location:

Installing Eclipse

Once downloaded extract the files in the desired directory. When you extract the file, it creates a sub directory called “eclipse” in which you can find the eclipse.exe application. You can double click on this to launch Eclipse.

Setup Apache Tomcat :

You can download the latest version of Tomcat from Once you downloaded the installation, unpack the file into a desired directory. For example in D:\Study\Java\apache-tomcat-7.0.23
Now open Eclipse IDE and make sure you are in Java EE perspective; Now right click -> New -> Server in “Servers” area.
Create server in Eclipse
Now you could see list of servers that can be configured in Eclipse. You will find Tomcat v7.0 Server under “Apache” folder as shown below.
Ecplise tomcat server configuration
Click next, and fill in your Tomcat installation directory:
Tomcat installation folder
Click Finish, now the configured Apache Tomcat Server will be displayed in the “Servers” view as shown below.

Start Server

Now start and stop it to ensure that it is working properly.
Starting Tomcat
That’s all on how setup eclipse IDE and configuring apache tomcat.

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