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Struts 2 Tutorial for beginners


Introduction to Struts 2 Framework

In this course we will learn how to use Struts 2 to create an MVC based Java web application.

Struts 2 is a framework for developing MVC based web applications in Java. When building a complex web application it is often difficult to keep business and view logic separate from each other. In this course we will learn how to create a Java based web application using the Struts 2 MVC framework to cleanly separate our views from business logic.

We will cover important features of Struts 2 like creating Actions and mapping them to Results. We will also learn how to use OGNL to access data from Java objects inside of our Views and even see how to create AJAX style views. If you are interesting in learning Struts 2, this course is a great start point to get you started by building your first Struts 2 application.

Struts 2 Complete Tutorial


Struts 2 Quick Start


Non – Form UI Tags


Struts 2 Configurations


Struts 2 Model driven


Struts 2 File Manipulation Tutorial


Struts 2 UI Tags



Struts 2 Control Tags


Struts 2 Data Tags


Interceptors in Struts 2


Struts 2 + Display tag


Struts 2 Theme


Ajax implementation in Struts 2


Struts 2 + AngularJs


Struts 2 + jTable Plugin


Struts 2 Integrate with Other Frameworks


Struts 2 FAQ


Struts 2 Errors


Struts 2 Reference



  1. Thank you for Helping such kind of Tutorial

  2. Very good site to understand the concepts

  3. To create grid I am using struts2-jquery-grid-plugin-3.7.0.jar but after adding to lib my project is not working. Also copied jar files like this–> struts2-jquery-grid-plugin-3.2.1.jar, struts2-jquery-plugin-3.2.1.jar,struts2-json-plugin- .then also not working. How can I work with grid???

  4. hi jamil bhai, this is lohith. i am unable to get the method delete with Name using struts2…so,, help me in this with your code as soon as possible

  5. Hi I need a autorefreshing barchart code which will fetch values from database using struts2 and hibernate.

  6. Really nice site

  7. can we write extends=struts-default instead of json-default when accessing json data?if yes,then please send me crud operation using that…thank u….

  8. hi,
    how to work on batch job/scheduler in struts2 framework. Can u give some ideas about bacth job

  9. hello , i have a question , i loaded a form using ajax , in struts 2 but without using any action , just a simple (.load) , in that form that i loaded i have a combobox and it should display some values , i tried to use the “href” that i used to load the form as a struts action to display the content of the comobobox , but it dosn’t work . so my question is , how can i load a form using ajax and at the same time having the combobox or other values in it ???? btw i’m using hibernate as well

  10. Hello jamil,
    I asked about Tiles in Struts 2,
    Still waiting for your reply.
    kindly please reply me .

  11. hi
    jamil i have created enum in struts2 and this enum i want to show in select tag in jsp
    so pls can u provide example for that

  12. Hello
    Mohaideen jamil.
    You are doing a great job.
    If you don’t mind will you please post about tiles and how to use in Struts2.

  13. jamil,
    Ajax example with struts2 is not working ,can u help me out. i m using netbeans7.4 and dojo tag.. but nothing is going on

    • Hi Vinod, This program works fine, may you have missed some configuration, I will upload the war file and will let you know.



      • how can I create menu and submenu dynamically using struts2? like this–>

  14. Hi Jamil,

    You are doing a great job.
    Could you please upload a example of internationalization?

    • Hi Ruchi Gupta,

      I will update them shortly and intimate you.


  16. Hi Jamil,
    I must admit that your tutorial is really helpful. Keep the good work. :)

  17. best site for learning Struts 2 . Thanks

  18. Hi Jamil,
    I am getting “WARNING: No configuration found for the specified action: ‘myaction.action’ in namespace: ‘/’.
    I am unable to resolve this. Please suggest..

  19. Hi,

    Thanks for this tutorial. can you upload the struts 2 integration with hibernate example.


    • Hi Aravind,
      Will update them shortly

  20. hi
    its a very good tutorial , i never did program on struts 1 or 2 so really helpful. one thing i would like to comment is that i tried few other tuts as well bt none work without a bit modification but this one was really working at no change.
    thanks again :)

    • can you post an example of adding, deleting, updating data records from a form to table in Spring MVC?, such examples are rarely available online, i m learning java, spring mvc…

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