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Is Java Pass by Reference or Pass by Value?

Java manipulates objects ‘by reference’, but it passes object references to methods ‘by value’.
Consider the following program:

public class MainJava
	public static void main(String[] arg) {
		Foo f = new Foo("f");
		// It won't change the reference!
		// It will modify the object that the reference variable "f" refers to!

	public static void changeReference(Foo a) {
		Foo b = new Foo("b");
		a = b;

	public static void modifyReference(Foo c) {

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I will explain this in steps:

  1. Declaring a reference named f of type Foo and assign it to a new object of type Foo with an attribute "f".

    Foo f = new Foo("f");


    Simple reference

  2. From the method side, a reference of type Foo with a name a is declared and it’s initially assigned to null.

    public static void changeReference(Foo a)

    new reference

  3. As you call the method changeReference, the reference a will be assigned to the object which is passed as an argument.

    assign referrence

  4. Declaring a reference named b of type Foo and assign it to a new object of type Foo with an attribute "b".
    Foo b = new Foo("b");

    new reference 2

  5. a = b is re-assigning the reference a NOT f to the object whose its attribute is "b".
    That is Only the references of a is modified, not the original ones(Reference of f remains the same)

    re assign referrence

  6. As you call modifyReference(Foo c) method, a reference c is created and assigned to the object with attribute "f".
    change value by
  7. c.setAttribute(“c”); will change the attribute of the object that reference c points to it, and it’s same object that reference f points to it.
    change value

I hope you understand now how passing objects as arguments works in Java :)


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