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Run a project in SOAPUI

Run a project in SOAPUI

So far, we have seen how to create a project in soapui. Now in this tutorial, let’€™s see how to run a request available in a project.

In order to run a project, create a project as explained the previous tutorials. Follow the below steps to run a project in SOAPUI.


Step 1: Click on Request name. This will display the  default requests as shown in the image below.

Click Request


Step 2: In the request, fill the value for the tags with ?€.

Replace tag value

Step 3: Check for the service endpoint before clicking in Run button.

Select endpoint

Step 4: Click on Run button as shown in the below image.

Click Run

Step 5: Now you can find the response for the above requests in the Response window.

Soap Response



Thus the response for the soap request is obtained as shown in the above image. Thus a soapui project ran successfully.



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