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To find list of permissions used by an installed application in android

To find list of permissions used by an installed application in android

The below code not only retrieves the permission  , but will also retrieve services , receivers . Be  careful on PackageManager tags. This will only fetch you the corresponding information on specific packages .


PackageManager p = this.getPackageManager();
  final List < PackageInfo>; appinstall=p.getInstalledPackages(PackageManager.GET_PERMISSIONS|PackageManager.GET_RECEIVERS|

  for(PackageInfo pInfo:appinstall){
      //PermissionInfo[] permission=pInfo.permissions;
       String[] reqPermission=pInfo.requestedPermissions;
       ProviderInfo[] providers=pInfo.providers;

  int versionCode=pInfo.versionCode;
  Log.d("versionCode-package ",Integer.toString(versionCode));
  Log.d("Installed Applications", pInfo.applicationInfo
    for(int i=0;i < reqPermission.length;i++)
       Log.d("permission list",reqPermission[i]);


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