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Trouble getting Android emulator to run in eclipse

Trouble getting Android emulator to run in eclipse



I’m trying to run the SDK Samples on the Emulator in Eclipse 3.5

Most of the time the AVD Manager hangs when I try to create a new AVD. When I manage to create an AVD and try to start the emulator I get this:

emulator: ERROR: no search paths found in this AVD’s configuration weird, the AVD’s config.ini file is malformed. Try re-creating it.

Solution 1:

You can set the environment variable ANDROID_SDK_HOME. For example:

ANDROID_SDK_HOME=D:\Development\android-sdk\. Add this variable to <eclipseFolder>\configuration\.settings\org.eclipse.ui.ide.prefs:


Stop the process adb.exe and (re)start Eclipse.

Solution 2:

If you have special character in your username do this:

~/.android/avd on OS X and Linux,

C:\Documents and Settings\user\.android\ on Windows XP, and

C:\Users\user\.android\avd on Windows Vista, 7.

There name.ini and name.avd folder

  • copy the folder for example: C:\
  • modifiy the path in the .ini to path=C:\name.avd



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