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Difference between compound model and propertymodel in wicket

Difference between compound model and propertymodel in wicket

Propertymodel and compoundPropertyModel does same job of binding the data from UI ( through components like text box ,dropdowns and radio choice) to object (variable in object ). Both can bind data in either ways . that is from object to UI and UI to object.

Difference is between them is the way it does that job . In Propertymodel , while creating itself we have to tell which variable in the object Propertymodel refers to . This syntax of PropertyModel

public PropertyModel(final Object modelObject, final String expression)

But in CompoundPropertyModel we just refer the whole object when we create CompoundPropertyModel . While binding to any UI compoent we will tell which variable it refers to through bind method .
This makes coding simple , reusable and reduce number of line of code . This also reduces memory size and share model with children.
File :


class Employee
  private String name;
  private String id; 
  void setName(String name)
  { = name;
  String getName()
    return name;
  void setId(String id)
  { = id;
  String getId()
    return id;

With PropertyModel we will write code as below


PropertyModel employeeNameModel = new PropertyModel(Employee, "name");
PropertyModel employeeIdModel = new PropertyModel(Employee, "id");
TextField nameField = new RequiredTextField("nameWicketId", employeeNameModel);
TextField idField = new RequiredTextField("idWicketId", employeeIdModel);

With CompoundPropertyModel we will write code as below

CompoundPropertyModel employeeModel = new CompoundPropertyModel(Employee);
TextField nameField = new RequiredTextField("nameWicketId", employeeModel.bind("name"));
TextField idField = new RequiredTextField("idWicketId", employeeModel.bind("id"));


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